What is “It’s Your Birthday”?

It’s Your Birthday is an app designed to make celebrating someone’s birthday easy and fun. It’s simple. Upload photos and videos from your phone, select a video theme, pick a birthday song, and voila! You’ve got a customized birthday video card that you can save and share with friends and family. The app does all the editing for you. It’s that simple!


What do I do if my app isn’t working?

Most importantly, we need you to go to ‘Settings’ and ‘Submit Feedback’. This allows us to pull the activity logs off your app so our development team can track down any bugs or issues. If you’d like, you can then also e-mail us directly and let us know you’re having an issue! Reach our CMO at! You can also reach us via the contact page on our website, or through our social media account on Instagram.


Can I upload my own music?

We’ve partnered with artists to carefully curate a library for you full of fun, imaginative birthday songs. As we approach new and emerging artists, the music library will grow and change. Be sure to check back regularly for music updates!


Can I edit my video after it’s processed?

Your last chance to edit your video is prior to processing!


Why do I need credits?

You need credits to buy themes! They're bundled into packs of four: Action, Personal, Sweet, and Adventure. The Welcome Pack is free and includes the oh-so-popular theme: Throwback.

Also, we’re utilizing a credit system to prepare for the future. We want to be able to offer you freebies and other benefits as you use the app and share your video cards. We can best do that through a credit system.


Why is a theme I purchased no longer available?

From time to time, our video processing partner, Magisto, updates the styles available to us. We have replaced your purchased theme with a new theme we feel is comparable, but if you’re still not satisfied, please contact us and we’ll refund your credit after we verify your purchase history.